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Sydney Escorts – Sensible Sex Advice That You Can Only Get From Your Friendly Cardiologist

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Who says that you can only get sound advice about sex from the so-called sex “experts”, or from psychologists? In fact, while it may seem far-fetched for health experts like cardiologists to give advice on achieving the perfect orgasm, the truth is that they actually know more about it than the rest! Here’s a peek at a couple of truly sensible (and even life-saving) sex advice that you can only get from your friendly cardiologists.

Healthy Arteries Can Give You Stronger Erections & Orgasms
Believe me or not, but the arteries and blood vessels in your body play a major role in how good you have sex, and how well you satisfy your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts. It’s because inside every blood vessel (Including those that supply blood to the penis, vagina and clitoris) is a wallpaper-like cell lining called the endothelium.

Healthy arteries can carry as around 3 to 5 times more blood at peak than at rest, but only if the endothelial cells lining them produce adequate amounts of nitrous oxide or, NO. Nitrous oxide causes blood vessels to relax and dilate to swell up the penis, vagina and clitoris!

Eating Too Much Processed Foods Can Leave You Soft
According to a study conducted by cardiologists at the University of Maryland, eating too much burgers, fries, steaks and other fat-rich foods can constrict or block blood vessels, and eventually make your erections “soft”!

The experts added that endothelial cells are very sensitive to what is in the blood rushing through them. In one experiment they conducted, where healthy volunteers were fed two different types of meals on different days, the ones who were fed a low-fat meal showed healthier endothelial cells.

However, those who were fed Big Macs, steaks and other foods rich in animal fat showed a major drop in nitrous oxide levels, and it took six hours post-Big Mac meal for the NO levels to return to baseline. So what’s the conclusion? Do not eat processed foods rich in animal fats and chemicals before dating your girlfriend, or lovely Sydney Escorts, because your Big Mac meal may leave you looking like a clown!

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