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Sydney Escorts – Sex Can Put You in a Dream-Like State, Scientists Confirm

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If you’ve heard some people say that they “lost themselves in the moment” during sex, perhaps you shouldn’t simply think of it as a romantic phrase, because science has just confirmed that indeed sex can put you in a dream-like or trance-like state! Read on to find out more about this amazing conclusion or finding.

The Rhythmic Nature of Getting it On Makes Us Lose Self-Awareness and Control

Have you ever experienced literally “losing yourself during the moment” when you were getting it on with a hookup mate, or perhaps even with your preferred Sydney Escorts? Well, a new study, which was published in the journal Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology suggests that the rhythmic nature of getting it on makes people lose self-awareness and control!

The study compared the rhythm of sex to the meditative effect of pushing someone on a swing, except a lot more fun! The rhythm actually caused neurons in the brain to oscillate at the same frequency. This is called “neural entrainment”, and if the sexual stimulation is so intense, a sustained rhythm spreads through the brain and dulls the other senses!

We Should View Sex As a Totally Different State of Mind Too

The researchers also stressed that they want people to stop viewing sex in terms of pleasure only, but start looking at it too as a totally different state of mind. They stressed that viewing sexuality as a kind of “altered state of consciousness” could help people see sex as something extraordinary, and potentially help them have a better appreciation for their partners, and possibly even help to prevent sex from losing its fascination!

The researchers also added that focusing on the rhythmic aspects of sexuality could help people enjoy sex more and be more aware of the kinds of lovers that they want to be. And when people say or feel that they “lose control” in the climax of a sexual encounter, research shows that this is a very appropriate description of what’s actually going on in the brain!

So, the next time you and your girlfriend, or even your favourite Sydney Escorts want to get freaky and sleazy, focus less on the destination  and more on the journey, as well as pay more attention to rhythm, if only to make your banging much better!

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