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Sydney Escorts – Sex Robots Are More Dangerous According To Experts

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Sydney Escorts

You think female sex robots are friendly and delightful? They may be, but, according to technology experts, they’re more dangerous than you can imagine. If that’s so, then, might as well do the dirty with real warm-bloodied bodies like the exquisite Sydney Escorts!

Can you imagine yourself buying an erotic robot who looks exactly like your ex-GF just so you can bang her every night? Not a good idea! Why settle for robots when there are lots of genuine girls around you can encounter a real girlfriend experience with?

Meet Harmony – The First Talking Sex Doll
As glaring as the sun is the reality that in this technological age, robots will eventually become an integral part of people’s lives. In fact, here comes a California-based company creating Harmony 2.0, the world’s first talking sex doll, touted to be the most significant development in the niche of sex tech.

Harmony can be mistaken for the real thing as she can do what any ordinary woman can – smiles, talks, blinks her eyes, says something about her owner when asked and what’s more, have intercourse with him! Her creator says Harmony can be customised to whatever personality you’d like her to have (she has 18 in all) like “shy”, “thrill-seeker” and so on. This life-size, close-to-the-real thing robot is made from silicone and costs around $15,000.

Dr. Trudy Barber, a pioneer in the impact of technology on sexual intercourse explains that before long, couples will be having fornication only on special occasions since sex robots are already available to satisfy everyone’s needs. She added further that in the next 25 years, machines in the bedroom shall have become a staple, meaning it will gain social acceptance!

Where The Danger Lies

This business of pouring in millions for such ambitious project is criticised by many sectors as a waste of money. In truth, the world faces gigantic social problems and as well, needs genuine change to save itself from destruction – and this needs money. So, why put all focus and invest resources worth millions on the sexual robotic industry?

Secondly, since the robots are built resembling real females, there’s the likelihood of objectifying the women. Poor robots; they’re not even aware they can trigger the act of making women less of a person, more of an object. Men could easily treat them as such, without respect for their bodies, feelings, desires, preferences and thoughts. These robots are machines designed to gratify males.

Let’s face it, if any of the tempting Sydney Escorts are able to fulfil your flesh’s desires, why then should you get a robot for such purpose?

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