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Sydney Escorts – Sex Tips and Suggestions That Even the Popular Sex Experts Follow

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

For those who are looking for expert advice and guidance on topics such as sex, perhaps the most common venues include watching porn, analysing tutorial videos on YouTube and other online channels, as well as reading the tutorials written by sex experts. Well, we are here to help anyone who’s looking for reliable sex advice, because we’re listing the sex tips and suggestions that even the most popular sex experts today follow.

Hit the Toy Store
If your sex life is as dull and lifeless as ever, perhaps you should try mixing things up, by introducing sex toys to the bedroom play! Whether it’s a new lubricant or a tiny vibrator, majority of sex experts agree that sex toys help bring an expansive and fulfilling sex life. But why should your erotic life be dull and lifeless, when all you need to do to liven things up, is to call the lovely and sexy Sydney Escorts!

Pucker Up
According to new research, a kiss before bedtime is considered to be very beneficial to any relationship, and it’s also a great way to stay affectionate and connected even when time doesn’t allow more. Sexually speaking, kissing keeps intimacy on the radar, which helps couples (or even hookup partners) be more responsive to other actions in the bed.

Give Yourself a Hand
Even if you’re in a serious relationship, or you have a regular hookup buddy, never ever forget to masturbate, and enjoy solo sex as often as possible. Why? Because nearly all sex experts agree that masturbation is very good for your health and mood, and besides it just feels so nice!

Create a Stress-Free Environment
And to elevate your erotic life to greater levels, it would certainly help if you create an environment that is stress-free and reduces as many external distractions as possible. This means that you should keep things neat at home, and turn off the computer or TV when in bed with your partner, or with your favourite Sydney Escorts! This calm and relaxing setting also helps release a lot of feel good endorphins!

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