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Sydney Escorts – Shower Sex Secrets That Most Dudes Don’t Tell Their Ladies

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

Name one type of sex that’s both fun and overrated, and I guess most of you will say – shower sex! Now why is this move quite overrated? Because the truth is that some folks find it either too risky, while some don’t derive any pleasure from being soaked cold while shagging! Here’s a peek at a few shower sex secrets that most dudes won’t tell their ladies.

He Gets to Shampoo His Pubes Right Away
I guess your hookup partners, or even your favourite Sydney Escorts, have their own good, or bad, opinions about shower sex. But then again for most guys, the shower is a great location to get sleazy, and shampoo his pubes at the same time! However, the ladies won’t ever understand why this is a major plus for the men!

Her Hair is All Over
Most guys often grumble that their partner’s hair is stuck to their bodies, or on the walls, and they’re likely going to pull out the strands from the drains, or out of the various folds of his body for days afterward!

It Feels a Little Different
Most guys won’t admit to their ladies that shower sex feels a little different, because it’s a lot slicker than regular sex. However, the ladies can even feel like they are lubed up a thousand times, and of course the hot water can actually make the women feel drier too!

He’s More Concerned With Not Breaking His Neck (Or The Girls’)
Whether you’re with a hookup buddy, or with the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts, shower sex always makes you so concerned about not breaking your neck (and her neck too) while having great sex. So, to prevent any untoward injuries from happening, put a bath mat down, so that none of you accidentally slips, and gets an orgasm without dying!

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