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Sydney Escorts – Signs that Show Up When a Lady Plays Hard to Get

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As far as dating is concerned, there seem to be a lot of rules of remember. You could say that’s the reason it’s also called “the dating game”. Not many people are strangers to it – and by this time, who would be? The lovely courtesans at Sydney Escorts certainly aren’t newcomers to it, and as you can tell, they’re fully qualified to explain some of the things women do.

One thing that consistently confuses blokes is playing hard to get. When this happens, is there a tried-and-tested strategy for winning her over? In the first place, how can you tell if she’s actually playing hard to get? Here are a few signs to look out for.

1. She’s sometimes hard to reach. Let’s say you can usually get in touch with her on her mobile, and she typically replies within a few minutes. However, there are times she won’t return your calls until an hour or so later, or she replies to texts slower than usual. If she does this, then she’s playing hard to get.

If, however, she makes it hard for you to contact her, or practically disappears when you try and get in touch, she’s trying to say she’s not interested.

2. Her interest is genuine. You can’t do much to prove you’re sincere in chasing her, and she may just be using your attention to boost her ego. You’ll know she’s interested in you, too, if she puts more effort into meeting up with you. If she agrees to going out because she has no other options, that’s clearly a bad sign.

3. She can be busy. Life’s like that. She may want to go out, but she’s swamped with work or she has a family emergency to tend to. While she won’t always be so busy that she can’t or doesn’t reply to you, it doesn’t instantly mean she’s playing hard to get.

Wait a day or so and then try sending her a message to find out how she’s doing. Then you’ll find out if she was avoiding you, or you just caught her at a bad time.

These signs won’t make the dating game easier to play, but they’ll clear up some confusion and let you know if pursuing her is worth it. In the meantime, hone your skills with the help of one of the sexy vixens at Sydney Escorts – today!

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