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Sydney Escorts – Skip The Salami & Hotdogs Because Processed Meats Can Affect Male Fertility

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Does your daily diet normally include stuff such as sausages, salami, hotdogs and other processed meats? Well, if the thought of having a heart attack never threatened you, well perhaps the risk of getting infertile and impotent will stop you from eating these fat-filled food items! Here’s why reducing, or eradicating your appetite for processed meats can help you sustain, and ensure your virility and sexual performance.

Processed Meats Are Directly Linked to Male Infertility

If you’d wish to maintain your stamina, and performance in bed, and make your girlfriend or favourite Sydney Escorts satisfied and happy, perhaps you should start reducing your daily consumption of salami, frankfurters and other processed meats, now!

It’s because according to new research conducted on 141 men undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) with their partners, while no association was found between total meat consumption and successful fertilisation through IVF, it was noted that the guys who ate the least amount of processed meat (which includes really tasty stuff like bacon, canned meat and sausage) had a 28% higher rate of fertilisation during IVF, as compared to those who ate a lot of processed food.

Processed Meats Also Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients

If the risk of getting infertile doesn’t scare you that much, perhaps this time you should be really scared, because meats that are cooked at high temperatures, like processed meats, contain as much as 20 different types og heterocyclic amines or HCA’s, which have been linked to the development of certain cancers.

And since your favourite meats like bacon, salami and pepperoni are preserved by smoking, curing and salting, as well as the addition of chemical preservatives and artificial colouring,  these artificial ingredients (which are called nitrates) often get converted into stuff like nitrosamines, which are clearly associated with an increased risk of certain cancers!

So would you still be willing to eat as much processed food as you wish, but risk wrecking your fertility and overall sexual health? Why don’t you go natural, eat more fruits, vegetables and healthy fats, so that you’ll be able to satisfy your bedroom mates, which includes the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts!


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