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“Harder, please. Give it to me harder.” He was not making love to me, he was fucking me. He was surprisingly good at it, and I loved it. Felt his dick through me, hammering, thundering, rubbing my G-spot like no man has ever done. I thought at first, he was new to this. I mean, he admitted I was his first of Sydney escorts. I wasn’t buying that, but he was sincere, and gave off the vibe that it’s his first time. He was twitchy at first, but when I started my erotic massage – naked with oils – he seemed to turn a switch on, and his natural skills in pleasing a woman was there for me take.

He started with a wicked tongue – his fingers gliding in and out. He was kneading my clit like a pro, doing acrobatics with his mouth.

“Oh, oh, right there”, I remembered pleading.

He shifted, and gathered my sex in her mouth. I was sprawled in the bed, writhing and moaning. I was not a silent lover. When I feel good, I let it show.

“That feels so good, baby”, I panted. He was simultaneously using his mouth, tongue and hands to pleasure me. His technique involved short, quick finger thrusts, alongside long, torturous swipes and darts with his mouth. He was talented. I gave him that. He was definitely a better lover than most of the men who have hired me.

His tongue was suddenly buried in me and I was gasping. His fingers replaced his tongue on my clit, and he did this move that made my eyes water. I was arching towards his ministrations, wanting more. I was moaning loud, and for the first time in my life I wasn’t faking it or doing it half-heartedly. I decided then and there that this man was the best lover I have had.

Then out of nowhere, he was on top of me – entering me, missionary style. His manner is of a lust-filled animal, not thinking about anything but his release. His first thrust was deliciously painful, but he was not the only one skilled in bed. I wasn’t one of the best Sydney escorts for nothing. I clenched, taking him in, deep. He grunted, smiled at me devilishly, and started fucking me through the mattress. I said in between thrusts, “When you’re in Sydney again, please do me. I’d love to be with you again.” He never stopped fucking, never said anything – just leaned down and started kissing my neck. The sensations threw my speech off-course. He started giving it to me long and hard, and I soon forgot what I was thinking.

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