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Sydney Escorts – Stretching Exercises That Can Help Rev Up Your Sex Life

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

I guess we all know that stretching does a whole lot of good for the body. Not only does stretching helps you avoid injuries but it also reduces post-workout soreness, and it can even improve athletic performance, as well as bedroom performance! Here’s a peek at a couple of stretching techniques that are beneficial to your sex life.


Lifting the pelvic floor in a pose a simple as the Tadasana gives you great alignment and a sense of grounded confidence and power, which is helpful for sex and connects you to your sex organs, practicing radical embodiment. And of course, this move also preps you for more fun times in bed with ladies like the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts!

Cat Cow

Cat Cow stretches the muscles in the back and belly, allowing for more movement in the spine. The movement also does work at the pelvis, by tilting it in both directions.

Lizard Pose

The Lizard Pose targets your hip flexor and groin, and allows for more movement in the hips, including the ability to get lower in positions such as the squat or lunge!

Glute Bridge

The Glute Bridge strengthens the glutes, protecting the lower back. And when the glutes are activated in a glute bridge, it allows for a pretty sweet opening in the hip flexors due to the hip extension happening.

Heart Opener

This stretching exercise is perfect for preparing the spine for an increase in range of motion. While standing, arch your back as far as you can, and drop your head back, then hold for 3 seconds. Next, contract your body forward to round the spine.

While dropping your head forward, hold for 3 seconds. This is preferably done to the tune of the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, and is also best done with the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts!

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