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Sydney Escorts – The 20 Top Pre-Sex Food Items (Of Americans)

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Romancing, and prepping up a woman for a round or more of hot and sizzling sex, requires some finesse and innovation. Or maybe it simply requires a slice of pizza, and some old school jazz music! According to a survey in the US conducted by Eat24, Yelp’s home food delivery service, which polled 2,000 adults about the foods they eat, the music they listen to, and the moves that lead up to sex, here’s a list of the top 20 pre-sex food items of Americans!

Pizza Tops the list, Followed by Ice Cream and Spaghetti
What types of food do you and your hookup buddies, or your favourite Sydney Escorts, crave for in bed, especially before or after a hot round of sex? Well, according to the Eat24 survey, the top pre-sex food of men and women in the US is pizza! I wonder that the Aussies love eating in bed before and after shagging!

The second top pre-sex food item is ice cream followed by spaghetti. According to Mike Ghaffary, Yelp Eat24’s CEO, “I think we can all agree that eating pizza on the couch is way more relaxing, plus since you’re already on the couch anyway….well you get the idea”!

Lasagna, French Fries, Nachos and Buffalo Wings Round Up the Rest of the Top 20
On the fourth spot of the Eat24 list of the top pre-sex food items is lasagna, followed by French fries, cheeseburgers, chicken wings, taco, egg rolls, fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, mac and cheese, nachos, Buffalo wings, quesadilla, General Tso’s Chicken, sesame chicken spring rolls, Crab Rangoon and dumplings!

But hey, we’re not saying that you can’t heat occasionally things up in the bedroom instead of in the microwave. And of course, if some of the food items here don’t belong to your list of healthy food items, you can cross them off, and find something else to spice things up in bed tonight with your girlfriend, or with the hot and alluring Sydney Escorts!

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