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Sydney Escorts – The 3 Things That Could Be Behind a Man and Woman’s Low Libido

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I guess one of the most frustrating barriers to sexual satisfaction that one can go through is having a libido that suddenly vanishes into thin air! Whether it’s health or work-related, a lowered libido is an obstacle that can surely knock any individual back. So, if this happens to you, then it’s time to step back, relax and assess what’s going on. Here’s a look at a couple of things that could be behind a man and woman’s low libido.

Hormones, and Entering Different Stages of Life, Could Be the Culprit
Have you ever experienced a sudden loss of libido when you were in bed with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts? According to reproductive health and sex experts, low libido generally has both physical and emotional causes.

Among the physical causes include hormones, and entering different stages of life. For example, women who go through menopause and perimenopause have low estrogen, and generally low testosterone levels, and these deficits can cause low sex drives or even actual anger toward men!

And another part of menopause is the dreaded vaginal dryness. For most women who suffer from this, a few painful experiences will often render many women to less likely be engaged in sex again.

Weight Gain Can cause Low Libido Too
Weight gain (for both men and women) can also be a cause for lower libido. For example, when women gain weight due to low estrogen levels and other reasons, they frequently avoid sex, as they generally feel unattractive and ashamed of their bodies (Which rings true for the men too).

And of course, one should also never underestimate the impact of stress on all aspects of our everyday lives, including our sex life. Men and women who are often exhausted often tend to be less sexual, because our adrenal glands become depleted with chronic stress, which lowers testosterone levels.

So, before these 3 factors start wrecking your sex life, I suggest that you exercise, have a healthy diet, and spend more time engaging in your most preferred activities, like dating the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts!

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