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Sydney Escorts – The 5 Things That Men Secretly Hate About Kissing

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We all know (or most of us I guess know) that kissing is the foundation of foreplay. Kissing also leads the way to making out, and making out leads to sexual intercourse (well, that’s where it ends I think!). However, a lot of men still think that some things can get real wrong during kisses that are less than ideal. Here’s a look at a few things that men secretly hate about kissing.

Getting a Tongue Shoved Down His Throat
Some guys hate kissing because they don’t like the thought of getting someone’s tongue shoved down their throat. Perhaps these idiots didn’t have the opportunity to kiss and cuddle women as lovely and hot as the Sydney Escorts!

Tongue-licking is definitely good, but choking to death with it? Well, in French kissing, the goal isn’t to get your tongue as far down anyone’s throat as possible!

Kissing for Way Too Long
For some guys (and even girls), at a certain point kissing is going to lose its lustre, or attraction. Perhaps some guys start to wander about the dirty laundry coating their floors, or their mind starts to think of the last time they washed the T-shirt that they’re currently wearing!

Chapped Lips
If the guy or girl is not regularly or liberally applying chapstick, it’s like he or she is making out with a belt sander, or with sandpaper!

The Very Real Issue of Bad Breath
No guy or girl in his right state of mind would kiss someone who has an obvious case of bad breath for more than 5 seconds. And no one is more cognizant of the state of bad breath than single folk who could potentially make out with someone new!

Accidental Eskimo Kisses
Kissing and making out is a delicate dance, especially if you have the wrong partner, or someone who’s a neophyte in kissing. It’s because you could smush your noses into each other constantly, and it would be like stepping on each other’s toes! But then again, I guess you wouldn’t have any problems with kissing your favourite Sydney Escorts!

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