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Sydney Escorts – The Best Places To Go For A Hot & Unforgettable Erotic Holiday

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

Do you want to be like the guys from the movie “The Hangover”, who had fun, and messed things up in the end, in Vegas or Bangkok? While some would want to spend their hard-earned cash lining up at Disney World, others prefer a naughtier and sleazier holiday, one that features bondage rituals, nude massage girls, strippers and more. Here’s an interesting look at a some of the planet’s best places to go for an unforgettable erotic holiday.


If you think Jamaica’s all about reggae, marijuana and drug gangs, well think again. On the coconut tree-lined and idyllic shores of The Land of Wood and Water, you’ll find lots of upscale and classy couples-only hotels and resorts. Perhaps you’d like to bring your favourite sexy Sydney Escorts here, for some exotic and “exclusive” fun?

What’s so cool is that many of the couples-only resorts here are seriously exclusive, which means  that there are no single people, no children, and no crowds! (as well as no clothes) There’s even a private island resort here where clothing is downright prohibited! On average, couples will spend around $630 each per night.

Dominican Republic

If places like Haiti are getting a bad rap for their abject poverty, soaring crime rates and shitty infrastructure, neighbouring Dominican Republic is seeing a surge in tourists (although it’s economy is still a bit in shambles), especially the sleazy ones.

Here, you’ll find resorts which cater to naughty singles, where guests are picked up in the airport by one or two hot ladies, and once they reach their destination they get complimentary drinks, cigars, buffet food, and a heart-racing lap dance from one of the resort’s sexy staff! Tour packages usually start from $2,000 onwards, but it already includes payment for “extra services”.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun has been known for decades for being the playground of the rich and famous, but that’s before the drug gangs nearly scared the tourists away. However, what’s so nice about this city is that there are lots of resorts where couples and singles are welcome, where they spend their days and nights swimming, relaxing, drinking and enjoying other sensual treats!

Among the delectable sensual treats in Cancun include erotic massages, lap-dancing and pole dancing, and the special “room service” treats. You’ll find bars, strip clubs, casinos and cabarets in the city centre too, just watch over your stuff and stay away from areas where thugs are known to operate!

But if you either don’t have the time yet to go on an erotic holiday, or you lack the budget, don’t worry, because you can actually fulfil all your erotic fantasies at home, by checking out the galleries of our lovely and sexy ladies at Sydney Escorts!

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