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Sydney Escorts – The Difference Between Having Sex and Making Love

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In today’s world, people are less closed-minded about certain things – including sexuality, even though there’s still something of a stigma surrounding the sex industry. There’s really nothing wrong with hiring one of the lovely babes at Sydney Escorts whenever you need some company for any reason, though. While you can have sex with her if you want, you don’t absolutely have to – but you can’t make love with an escort, not matter how gorgeous she is.

Not many people talk about the difference between making love and having sex, and for some, it doesn’t matter. Then there’s the apparent divide by gender, with men usually enjoying having sex more than making love; it’s the other way around for women. The truth is, it matters a great deal more than you may think.

But what sets these two acts apart, since they involve intercourse in some way?

Having Sex

Have you ever had a one-night stand with someone? What about that time you had a quickie with your girl? Those are examples of a time you’d have sex. It’s all about satisfying your sexual desires. Foreplay doesn’t have to take long, and there’s no need for pillow talk afterward. Your only concern is pleasure, never mind how confused you are since you’re not too familiar with whoever’s with you.

Part of the confusion comes from not knowing your partner that well, and so there’s going to be some trial and error before you get to the main event.

Making Love

On the other hand, making love is soft and sweet, with lots of touches and caressing, kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. This is what usually happens when two people in a relationship go to bed together. When you lock yourself and your girl in the bedroom for at least two hours and have long, passionate sex, that’s when you make love.

That emotional connection is what makes all the difference. Without love, any bedroom romp is just you having sex. When love enters the picture, you take more things into account. Is your partner enjoying herself? Is she comfortable? Will she like what you’re about to do?

Now, if you want to improve your bedroom skills for the next time you make love with your girl or you just need some company, go ahead and browse the gallery at Sydney Escorts. You’re sure to find the perfect babe for you.

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