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Sydney Escorts – The Expert’s Take On How To Safely Have Sex In The Kitchen

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Sydney Escorts

Bored of doing the usual stuff in the  bedroom? Perhaps, you should try making out in the kitchen! But before doing that, take heed of the expert’s take on how to do it right in the kitchen, so that you and your partner can experience a heightened sense of pleasure as you experience this part of the home in a sensual manner, without incurring any injury.

Be On The Lookout For Spills

The first thing to look out for when deciding to go down and dirty in the kitchen, is to check the floor for greasy spills, or leftover banana peels! Since you don’t want your girlfriend, or your favourite Sydney Escorts, to slip and bang their head on the floor, wipe off all spills before you start chasing each other around this area!

Store All Sharp Objects

The next step would be to clear away or safely store all sharp items, especially knives, as these pose one of the biggest threats to pleasurable kitchen sex. However, keep away the other stuff too, including scissors, forks, spatulas and even ladles or spoons. If you  have a butcher’s block for your knives, just ensure that’s it’s very far from the edge of the kitchen counter.

Ensure That All Small Appliances Are Turned Off

And before fooling around in the kitchen, remember that small appliances like oven toasters can cause serious burns,and juicers as well as food processors can also cause various types of injuries. Make it habit to plug all kitchen appliances, not just to ensure safe kitchen sex, but to ensure that your home doesn’t go up in flames!

Let The Oven Cool Down First

If ever you and your partner plan to have sex on top, or anywhere near the oven, make sure  you let it cool off first, before hopping on top of it, or having sex beside it. Remember that an oven can take a few minutes to cool off .

But if you’re not too willing to wait,perhaps you should bring your hookup partner, or any of the lovely Sydney Escorts, away from the oven before things start getting steamy, and out of control. Or, why not do it in the cupboard instead!

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