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Sydney Escorts – The World’s Orgasmic Habits, as Revealed by the 2017 LELO World Orgasm Day Survey

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

Have you ever heard someone celebrate – World Orgasm Day? Well, yes a lot of people celebrate that every July 31! And on that day last year, over 2,200 respondents from 21 countries shared their most intimate secrets with LELO, the popular sex toy maker, and the results are truly surprising. Here’s a peek at a few of the global orgasm survey’s surprising results.

Which Nation Comes the Hardest?
Now which nation comes the hardest? Well, if you ask the lovely and sexy Sydney Escorts, I guess they’d say it’s the Aussies. But according to the LELO global survey, the three countries which reported the most intense orgasms include Chile, Italy and Spain!

Around 10% to 13% of people in these countries all rated the power of their orgasms within the highest percentile, and (surprise, surprise) the country least likely to report an intense orgasm was – Australia, (What?), wherein 2% of respondents rated their orgasmic intensity as just 1 out of 10! However, the Aussies ranked 3rd in frequency of orgasms!

Which Country Climaxes the Most, and the Least
According to the 2017 World Orgasm Survey, the Norwegians have the most orgasms, with around 35% of Norway’s respondents claiming that they climax at least once a day, which means that there’s a lot of shagging in fjords!

However, around 2.54% of Germans reported never having an orgasm at all, which is actually the highest number of all 21 countries. The global average rate of climax is actually 2 to 3 times per week. But in hot and sleazy Brazil, around 30% of respondents only orgasm once a week.

And which country orgasms the loudest? Well, it’s the Brazilians, with 65% of Brazilian respondents claiming to be screamers, as compared to the nation in second play, Norway, with just 39.9% of screamers. The Portuguese are the most modest screamers, with 42% of them claiming that they’re usually quiet. Now, I guess you could ask the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts to reveal to you if the Aussie dudes are really screamers, or not!

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