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Sydney Escorts – Three Examples of Dirty Talk for Beginners

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Few things can turn up the heat in the bedroom as much as dirty talk. Whether you’re with a committed partner or one of the lovely babes at Sydney Escorts, it’s sure to set the mood. However, not everyone is comfortable saying something dirty, so they don’t engage in it even if it’s something they and their partner is into.

Obviously, that’s a shame, since dirty talk can give your sex life and your relationship a pretty significant boost. After all, talking dirty with each other can help you and your partner enjoy sex more, not to mention learn a lot about what you each enjoy so you can satisfy each other better each time you do the do.

Fortunately, there are several examples of dirty talk you can use while you’re getting used to it and figuring out your own style, so to speak.
1. I want you so bad. This line is so simple yet says so much at the same time. When you keep your voice low and sexy as you say it, your partner is sure to feel a little thrill of pleasure running through her body. Letting her know that you want her in a way you can’t truly describe is a big deal – so let her have that.

2. Nobody has ever made me feel the way you do. This may sound cheesy and perhaps cliché, but if you know it’s true, then there’s no shame in saying it. Besides, it’ll make your partner feel special for being the only one who makes you feel a certain way, especially in bed.

3. What we did last time really turned me on. Not only does this let your girl know that you were well and truly aroused the last time you had sex, but it also tells her that you both had a hand in it – not just you. To add to that, you’re telling your partner that you want to try and recreate the feeling from the last time you did the deed, which can make for a truly passionate night ahead.

They say practice makes perfect – and that holds true for talking dirty. Just practice saying these lines, and others you might think of, in a sexy voice, and you’re well on your way.

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