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Sydney Escorts – Three Harmless Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Hard-On

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What’s worse than not being able to get the lady of your dreams in bed? Well, I guess it’s failing to get an erection when you’re ready to go! But before you freak out, and start panicking, let me tell you that lots of men today can have trouble getting a hard-on when they want to have sex, but it doesn’t necessarily signal that they have erectile dysfunction or ED! Here’s a look at three harmless reasons why you can’t get a hard-on.

You’re Taking Certain Medications
If you’re already in bed with the hot chick you just met at the bar, or with your most preferred Sydney Escorts, and you suddenly can’t get an erection, don’t panic for you may have just taken certain medications!

According to health experts from the University of Maryland Medical Centre, there’s a whole cocktail of medications that can interfere with your ability to get a hard-on. For example, the study team said that patients suffering from depression often see a dip in their libido, as certain antidepressants like Prozac and Lexapro can decrease testosterone levels, or even lead to delayed ejaculation!

You Recently Masturbated
If you recently just got off solo, you might need to wait before you can hop into bed with your lady, because it might have something to do with a spike in the hormone prolactin after you orgasm!

According to scientists, it’s just like running a marathon, as your body will need to relax and rejuvenate before you run again, and of course the average guy has a 30 minutes “refractory period” where they may need up to 10 minutes or even an hour to “load up”!

You Drank Too Much Alcohol
If you’re about to meet up with the hot and sexy Sydney Escorts in an hour or two, make sure that you don’t have one too many drinks, because you could suffer from a “Whiskey dick” and lose your ability to get a hard-on! Remember that alcohol acts as a depressant on your central nervous system too, which decreases blood flow to your penis, and prevents you from getting hard!

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