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Sydney Escorts – Top 4 Tips for Success When Hitting on Girls

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Hitting on girls can sometimes seem a really difficult task. When you try a cheesy pick-up line on one of the lovely courtesans with Sydney Escorts, she’ll respond if it’s part of the scenario for your engagement. However, you need to know how to act around other women, too, not just escorts.

You need to remember that women won’t fall so easily for you telling her she’s pretty then dropping a pick-up line or two. Fortunately, there are ways to make hitting on them simpler.

1. Buy her a drink. Obviously this works best if you’re at a bar. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change it up for something that better suits your location.

If you’re in a rather crowded coffee shop, for instance, wait until you’re sure she’s alone and ask if you can share her table. Then offer to share your pastry or sandwich with her to make up for the inconvenience. Even if she declines, you now have a reason to strike up conversation with her.

2. Introduce yourself. According to several women, they appreciate an honest approach more than the creepy one where you walk up to her like a bolt from the blue and strike up conversation. Instead, consider approaching her and simply telling her your name while shaking her hand. Many a lady has said they’d feel better spending time with a man who does just that.

3. Find something interesting to talk about. Forget talking about the weather. Instead, use what you can observe about her to strike up conversation. If she has a book with her, for example, ask about her favorite author, or ask how many times she’s read it. If she’s wearing a band t-shirt, ask about that. Girls will respond more readily if the conversation revolves around something they’re obviously interested in.

4. Make her laugh. If you can get her to crack up, or elicit more than a hesitant smile, then you’re close to getting her to say ‘yes’ to accompanying you somewhere. The more easy-going you are, the more she’ll feel at ease with you. Keep in mind that men whom women can laugh freely around are easier for them to trust.

If you need to practice how you act around women – maybe you’re too aggressive, or you’re too shy – you can get the help and company you need. Just browse the gallery at Sydney Escorts.

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