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Sydney Escorts – Top Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

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It’s cute and kind of hot if your girlfriend doesn’t want to be parted from you. Honestly, who wouldn’t like having a lady – possibly as curvaceous as one of the babes with Sydney Escorts – want to be around them as much as possible?

The thing is, there’s a difference between a loving girlfriend and a clingy one. No bloke wants a clingy girlfriend because – let’s face it – that can be taxing and not much fun. So how do you know your girl is toeing the line? Here are a few of the most telltale signs.

1. She doesn’t give you a lot of space. It’s perfectly okay if she feels needy on certain days. For example, if she had a bad day at work, she may want to spend the whole evening with you instead of just meeting up for coffee. The next day, she’s back to her old self. If she never seems to let you do your own thing, however, that’s when you should be concerned.

2. She waits on you to take her out and do things. You both hold down jobs, but you go out with your friends from time to time and she doesn’t. Instead, she complains about being bored and how you never have time to take her out. Loving girlfriends know you have a life, and they have their own. Clingy girlfriends, on the other hand, seem to want you to take care of keeping them entertained.

3. She always asks for help. Yes, it’s an ego boost to be called on for help, but too much too often and you’ll want to take off that superhero cape. Clingy girlfriends are looking for love and attention, and asking for help is one way they can get it. So if she asks you for help with even the mundane things, you’ll know she’s slowly going from ‘loving’, to ‘clingy’.

Remember, though, clingy girlfriends aren’t bad – they’re just tiring to deal with. Far too often, the clingy girlfriend is the one who has the makings of the perfect partner, who just didn’t get enough love. So instead of pushing her away and turning to one of the gorgeous courtesans at Sydney Escorts, explain that you love her but you need your space, then hope she understands.

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