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Sydney Escorts – Top Tips for Going from Pathetic to Charming and Drawing Her Attention

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

While no ‘perfect bloke’ exists, there are those who come quite close. In fact, you may have seen one or two yourself. They’re the men who seem to have no trouble drawing attention to themselves as soon as they enter a room. Very few can deny there’s an aura of irresistibility about them; the sexy courtesans at Sydney Escorts certainly can’t.

Now you may not see yourself in the same league as these blokes, though you aspire to be as appealing and charismatic as they are. Don’t worry – you can, in fact, emulate them so that you’ll have no trouble catching the ladies’ eyes. Here’s a quick overview to help you get started.

  1. First impressions count for a lot. There’s no need to dress in an expensive outfit, but you need to make sure what you’re wearing suits you. A tailored jacket, for example, can take you from barely noticeable to head-turning. Some cologne, the right haircut, and a confident walk are necessary parts of your self-presentation. The main thing is to look like someone she’d want to introduce to her parents at some point.

Be careful about how you move, too. Swing your arms too much and you could be seen as immature. Take small, shuffling steps and you’re going to look too shy. Keep your movements natural, minimal, and sure – move with purpose.


  1. Be open-minded. There are blokes who’ll voice their opinions on one topic or another without seeming to care that they sound overbearing. Others keep quiet so that they don’t offend anyone. You don’t want to fall into either camp. Instead, say how you feel about various topics, even potentially sensitive things. Do so calmly so it’s clear you’re open to her opinions, even if they’re different from yours.


  1. Lock gazes. When you look someone in the eye, and do so without looking intimidating, you show how confident you are. Just make sure you don’t stare at anyone, especially a woman; if you don’t blink now and then when meeting their gaze, you can go from confident to creepy.

There are more ways you can be a charming gentleman, but these are the more important things to remember. If you want to practice your skills with the ladies, though, just browse the gallery at Sydney Escorts to find the best partner for you.

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