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If you’ve had more than one relationship, you can usually tell which ones were based only on physical attraction, and which ones were based on you actually loving your partner. There’s no denying that lust makes for awesome sex, but it usually doesn’t have a good effect on a relationship. The good news is, you can turn lust into love, though that may not work with the lovely babes at Sydney Escorts.

  • If you want to move on from your partner being just your partner in bed but not in life, here are some tips to turn that lust into love.Build a friendship. Meaningful relationships involve both you and your partner being comfortable enough to share things with each other. This means telling her about what inspires you, any dreams you have for the future, memorable experiences from your childhood. Then encourage her to do the same. Learning more about each other leads to loving the person, rather than just appearances.
  • Try other activities together. One of the best ways to turn lust into love is to do something other than sex. Learn a new sport together, play video games, or just go out for coffee at a favourite café. Find something you have in common – for instance, you both like sports – and bond over that.
  • Take it slow. This tip applies to many things in relationships, but lends itself especially well to a relationship based on physical attraction. Instead of aiming to get into her pants each time you meet up, take the traditional approach instead. Text each other every day, go out on dates, and if you do make out, try not having it lead to sex. This kind of bond is important for a more meaningful relationship.

Most of all, though, understand that despite your best attempts, it might not work – and don’t be too disappointed. Not everyone will be as receptive of the idea of a committed relationship; if your current partner is one such person, then it’s a sign for you to set your sights elsewhere. It just means you have to wait a little longer before finding the one for you.

In the meantime, you can always engage one of the lovely courtesans at Sydney Escorts.

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