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Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

Have you ever hoped that lovely date would agree to going to your place or hers for a nightcap? When you’re with one of the lovely babes from Sydney Escorts, a little sexual action is practically guaranteed. Any other time, however, you can’t tell for sure if sex will be on the menu that night.

Did you know, though, that touching a girl right while you’re on a date can make her want you? Just follow these tips, and your touches will be subtle but suggestive, which is exactly what you want.

1. Get close during dinner. Sitting across from each other during the meal will make things harder for you. So when you choose a restaurant, make sure there are small booths where you can sit at right angles to her. That’s close enough for some accidental contact, but not too close that she’ll feel threatened.

2. Keep the conversation going. The lighter and more comforting, the better. Don’t think about how to touch her just yet, though. Instead, lean in now and then, or lower your voice to just a whisper so she’s forced to lean towards you. You’re doing good if she keeps looking back at you and smiles a lot.

3. Get her to mirror you. At some point during your date, put your hand on the table and see if she does the same. If so, she sees this as you reaching out to her, and her response means she’s ready for a little something more.

Try sliding your foot towards her, too, as close as possible without making things awkward. If she mirrors this, or at least keeps her foot in place, then that’s good news. The more frequent a limb brushes against hers, the more sexual tension you build up.

4. Go for a walk. After eating, walk around for a little while, and then try placing your arm around her waist, being as nonchalant as you can. If she snuggles closer, then you’re definitely on the right track.

After that, it’s only a matter of time before you’re looking for a quiet spot where you can be alone, or else heading for a hotel, your flat, or hers – whichever is closest – so you can indulge in your carnal desires. If you feel you need some practice, though, browse the gallery at Sydney Escorts to find the perfect partner for you.

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