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Sydney Escorts – Two Reasons Why Mixing Food and Sex Can Be A Bad Idea of Sorts

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I guess you’ve probably come across a couple of news articles that talk about mixing up food and sex – Yes food and sex! (Now, what do they call this stuff again?). While some folks just have a special fetish of sorts, and that includes spreading mayonnaise or some other stuff on their partner’s body, others are just so horrified at the thought of licking off ice cream or cayenne pepper off their partner’s private parts! Here’s a look at 2 reasons why mixing food and sex can be a bad idea.

Food and Sex are Both Full Experiences
Food is a sensual pleasure, and so is sex. And trying to combine them can be too much at some point – Just try attempting to eat a footlong sandwich, have sex with your girlfriend or lovely Sydney Escorts, and watch TV all at once! But if you could pull this off, well then you’re a genius!

A couple of sex experts also say that food and sex are both full experiences, in and of themselves, and it’s not like having sex with your favourite playlist on. So, if you try to combine two of the most highly sensual acts, you may not be able to give either one of them the attention they deserve!

Food and Sex Can Make Things Real Messy in Bed
There are a lot of edible items that are commonly touted as fun to do sex with, from whipped cream to chocolate sauce, honey, fruit and even bacon! So, have you ever used any of these otherwise tasty food items in bed? Because if you have already, did both of you feel giggly and sticky?

I’ve heard one woman say that her boyfriend once plastered his dick with whipped cream, and ask her to lick it off. She however admits that dried dairy on a guy’s private parts smelled bad, real bad. I guess she will now be concluding that food and sex do not go together!

But then again, the leading magazines and websites today will still keep circulating the idea that mixing food and sex is a great idea. From feeding each other ice cream in the dark to licking Hershey’s chocolate syrup from someone’s thighs or butt, the ideas seem endless.

But then again, perhaps you should have food before sex, or enjoy it immediately afterward with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Sydney Escorts, because it may not be as fun as it sounds (And of course chocolate or honey stains on your bed sheets look real bad in the laundry room!)

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