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Experiencing mind-blowing, toe-curling sex isn’t impossible, especially when you’re with one of the gorgeous ladies from Sydney Escorts. These experienced courtesans know the ways of the bedroom, and they know how to make every movement, ever second count – in a big way.

Alluring young brunetteHer lips slid up and down my shaft, while one of her hands cupped my balls, fondling them, sending waves of pleasure through me. The combination of warmth near the head, and cool air on my balls and the rest of my dick was enough to drive me wild. Already my hands were fisted tight in the sheets, but I wasn’t close to cumming. Not yet.

I groaned out loud when she started using her tongue as well, taking me deeper into her mouth; I was caught somewhere between wanting to finish and wanting to just stick it in her. I glanced down in time to meet her sultry gaze, and I could almost feel her smiling coyly.

Something in my face told her I was enjoying it; the next thing I knew, her thighs were on either side of my head. Fingers of one hand spread her pussy, just enough for me to see she was starting to get wet – and that was the only invitation I needed.

I started licking her lower lips, up, down, around, but saving her clit for last. I felt and heard her moan each time I came close but didn’t quite touch it. I knew a few ‘tricks’ in the bedroom myself, but didn’t know how she’d react to them. I tried sucking lightly on her clit, just for a moment; suddenly, she was dripping, and I was all too aware that she’d taken me out of her mouth.

I sat up and thrust into her just as she was lowering herself onto my cock, both of us giving a groan as we felt how I was filling her slick but tight hole. She started riding me, slowly, while I reached around to fondle both her luscious boobs, earning yet another moan from her.

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