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Sydney Escorts – New Study Says That Americans Are Having Less Sex (And So Is Everyone Else)

Sex sells, and you see it everywhere, like in TV, magazine and radio advertisements, as well as online (and even in smartphones!). And while the culture of sex already seems so prevalent today, what’s surprising is that (according to a US study) Americans are having less sex (and so is everyone else!). US Adults Had […]

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Sydney Escorts – Secrets to a Happy Relationship

Relationships can be pretty confusing, especially since they don’t exactly come with a user’s manual or rulebook. Even when there do seem to be some unspoken rules in play, not everyone follows them and it still comes out as something of a free-for-all. The lovely babes at Sydney Escorts, for example, know that not all […]

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Giving Her a Sensual Rubdown – 5 Techniques to Use

When trying to get her to loosen up before getting down and dirty, there’s nothing better than a sensual massage. Even a back rub can heat things up, relatively. Whether it’s with your partner, or one of the Sydney escorts you engage now and again, there are ways to spice up that rubdown. Here are […]

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Sydney Escorts – 4 Simple Steps to Satisfy Your Partner’s Breasts

What’s the first you usually notice from a woman apart from her smiles and eyes? Of course, it’s her breasts. And if you answered honestly, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Most men ogle at them in broad daylight, but when it comes to the bed, there’s less attention given to woman’s tits. In general, […]

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Sydney Escorts – Seeing Escorts and Their Advantages

You know how escort services are part of the sex industry, but different from the services rendered by, say, a porn star or a prostitute? Still, though, you’re not sure what to think of the ladies featured in the pages of Sydney Escorts – they’re sexy, but is it worth it to engage one of […]

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Sydney Escorts – Sex Parties, And What First-Time Participants Should Expect From It

Thinking of doing something new to spice up your sex life? Why not try joining a sex party! But if you cringe at the thought of throwing yourself at a room or hall filled with writhing, moaning bodies, and couples swapping partners, well the truth is that a sex party can be all of the […]

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Aubergine Parmigiana and Chianti like Sydney Escorts

He saw my picture from among the Sydney Escort listings, sent me an email and set up a date of sorts. Since this is his first time using the services of an escort, I suggested a neutral place to meet at, a place where he wouldn’t feel so “boxed in” We met at a little […]

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The Frequently-Asked Questions (And Mysteries) About Erections

The Frequently-Asked Questions (And Mysteries) About Erections Whether you admit it or not, human beings are truly “wired” for sex. So don’t be surprised if you wake up, and you get a “boner” or erection in the wee hours of the morning. An erection often occurs when blood flow to the penis is increased, making […]

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Sydney Escorts Stories: When in Sydney

“Harder.” “Harder, please. Give it to me harder.” He was not making love to me, he was fucking me. He was surprisingly good at it, and I loved it. Felt his dick through me, hammering, thundering, rubbing my G-spot like no man has ever done. I thought at first, he was new to this. I […]

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Sydney Escorts – 3 Seductive Tips for Better Sex

Sex that results in you being weak in the knees may seem impossible. In truth, it’s often as simple as taking an extra step to make your partner more comfortable. Even if you don’t have a significant other, you can still engage to one of the gorgeous girls at Sydney Escorts for ‘those’ times. Here […]

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