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Sydney Escorts – Helpful Hints On How To Properly Incorporate Food Into Your Erotic Activities

If you still think that food and sex don’t mix, well here’s some “food for thought” – food and sex have a lot in common, as they’re sensual, nourishing and have the potential for great variety! According to sex and relationship experts, of the tastiest and easiest ways to rev up your sex life is […]

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3 Awesome Techniques for Breast Orgasms with Sydney Escorts

The nipples have over 800 nerve endings – yes, you read that right. This is when you suck it, it causes your woman’s body and mind to relax. According to Sydney Escorts, nipple stimulation releases oxytocin, a hormone responsible for bonding and relaxing. You see, the nipples are the closest erogenous area to a woman’s […]

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Sydney Escorts – The Best Places To Go For A Hot & Unforgettable Erotic Holiday

Do you want to be like the guys from the movie “The Hangover”, who had fun, and messed things up in the end, in Vegas or Bangkok? While some would want to spend their hard-earned cash lining up at Disney World, others prefer a naughtier and sleazier holiday, one that features bondage rituals, nude massage […]

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Sydney Escorts – Sex in the City Has Never Been Better

Sometimes, having the best sex comes from having a partner whose only goal is to bring you as much pleasure as possible, while you see to theirs. The ladies showcased in the pages of Sydney Escorts are highly experienced in bringing their partners to the heights of ecstasy. She moaned, fingers busy with my shirt, […]

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Sydney Escorts Stories: Falling For The Fucking

He was disgustingly average. There was nothing special about him. Average height, average looks, average body. Yet the way his body grounded against mine – I’ll be damned if I didn’t recognise that it was everything but average. The way his hands clamped on my hips, his lips on the base of my neck, his […]

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High Class Escort Estelle Lucas on a Tour in Sydney!

It was my first time to be with escorts and I was nervous but when I met “Sophia”, I instantly felt at ease in her presence. She was friendly, social and a great conversationalist; just enough to ease me of my anxieties. Soon enough, we are talking about our sexual experiences and the things that […]

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