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Tales of Sydney Escorts – My First Erotic Bidding

The red light portion in every industry is coined as taboo for those who do not understand it. However, for those who are able to grasp it to its full context, they revel in the luscious glories that it is able to offer. Companionship is the norm but as you wish to take things in a whole new level, the talented ladies of Sydney Escorts are more than willing to do your erotic bidding…

My passion for this business began during my time as a college student. Film was my major and we were having one of our class immersions on that day. With a bed in the center of our classroom, our professor emerged with a man and a woman wearing robes and masks on their faces. Our lesson was about love scenes and right before our eyes, these two people engaged themselves in a flesh to flesh grinding.

Sexy Girl in a Pokemon BikiniI experienced firsthand voyeurism on that day. It occurred to me that that was something I really wanted to do – giving pleasures in maximum deliverance. So I cut my classes short and did part time in the escort industry.

For my first time, nervousness becomes me. I knocked on the door of this lush apartment that stood before me. I programmed myself that my client was going to be seasoned but to my surprise I felt my panties loosen the moment a tantalizing hunk and opened the door.

He had a megawatt smile and showed the perfect set of white teeth. He had broad shoulders and stood before me with a charismatic demeanor. I thought to myself, “This night is going to get really interesting.”

I know I am sexy. My body is the perfect hour glass figure with long legs and smooth skin. I could see the effect I have on him through his shorts with the way his bulge was straining to be set free. I was wearing simple shirt and a mini skirt, like the casual looking Barbie that I am.

All of my inhibitions were gone the moment I felt his lips against mine and within a few seconds our tongues were entangled deliciously. He led me to his room. Once I was just in my hot red lingerie, I let him sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt down and started giving him head.

His manhood was rock hard and pulsating while my delicate hands rubbed it. I then placed his cock inside my mouth and started sucking him. He hissed and cursed. At first I thought he didn’t like it but it was the opposite. He actually liked it – a lot! I continued to suck him and pushed his manhood deep into my throat. I was always gifted in giving blowjobs. I didn’t have gag reflexes, so deep throating is my thing…

The night went longer than my initial schedule to which he paid me for the extra hours. I have never felt such gratification before and that night signaled it all. It was confirmed; I wanted to do more.

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