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Top 3 Tips for Learning to Give Space in a Relationship So You Don’t Lose Yourself

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Many people will tell you that balancing the togetherness and the space needed in a relationship is a difficult act, and just as many will tell you it’s all worth it in the end. If you’re single and you sometimes rely on Sydney escorts for company, it may feel like you’re in a relationship, because that’s what escorts are good at. But the love that pushes you to start a relationship with someone is a tricky emotion.

If you’ve had at least one relationship, you’re familiar with the initial desire to spend every possible moment together, followed by that period of wanting to get away and be on your own. As hinted at earlier, that alone time is as necessary as the time you spend together – and as you can tell, knowing how to give space but still stay together is practically an art form that you need to learn.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Don’t panic when your partner hints at needing space. For some, the words “I want some time to myself,” signals the end of the relationship drawing near. Those who know how important space is, though, will recognise the phrase for what it is – a cry for help, not an expression of rejection.

Pay attention to which pastime or pastimes your girl enjoys indulging in alone, and which ones she prefers sharing with you. You’ll have a better idea of when she’ll need that alone time, so you can be prepared to give it to her.

2. Remember you have different needs. Let’s say you usually need some alone time every week, and your girl needs it every three to four days. If she’s being clingy on a day you need time to yourself, don’t insist on her leaving you alone. Find a way to compromise so she gets the company she needs, and you can still have some time to yourself to recharge.

3. Plan something without your girl. If you don’t spend time together but your thoughts are still on each other, you didn’t really take a break from the relationship. When your girl declares she needs some time to herself, say, on the weekend, take that as your cue to plan an outing with your own mates. Or go to that workshop you’ve wanted to go to but couldn’t because your partner wasn’t interested.

When you both do something interesting while on a break from your relationship, it emphasises the need for space, not to mention helps to reaffirm your identities so that neither of you loses yourself while in the relationship together.

Again, balancing togetherness and alone time in a relationship is a difficult balancing act – much like how Sydney escorts balance their work with their lives outside of work. It will take time, but it can be done.

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