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Want To Pleasure Your Woman Every Night? Follow These 3 Simple Steps

Sydney Escorts

Sydney Escorts

Have you been out of luck lately? Like almost every day, you seem not to give her the best sex? Well, according to Sydney Escorts, women who are left unsatisfied can present a huge problem – especially for those who are in a relationship. You see, sex is a two communication – the couple should benefit from each other. If you want to liven up your sex time with her, then it’s time to apply some cool moves. It’s time that you give her the sex she’s been dreaming about ever since. Read on to learn!

Use Your Touch

Yes, you heard right! Touch her more! Although “dirty talk” can be arousing for some women, your focus should remain on touching techniques, which can be the ultimate aphrodisiac.  If you are capable of perfecting the subtleties of touch, you can really seduce a woman.

Plus, this sensation will benefit both you and her, as well as allowing her to imagine how amazing sex can be with you. This exchange of pleasure can be absolutely incredible. But keep in mind to gauge her reaction when touching her.

Build Sexual Tension

One thing will always remain: women get turned on when you create sexual tension and slowly build anticipation. It’s all about the push and pull sequence. By slowly building that anticipation up in intervals, you’ll give her that feeling of wanting sex but leave her not knowing exactly when it will take place. Kiss her, then stop. Then start again.

Try kissing her using your tongue or give her small pecks on the back of her neck. Each time you stop then start again, you’ll go a bit further than last time. Take two steps forward and one step back, again and again until she begs you for more.

Give a Trip Downtown

Oh yes, women love oral sex. If you’ve been keen about this idea, then you better think twice. Although she may not let you know about it, she’s actually into getting her pussy licked. Give it to her – as much as possible. Do it and you’ll see the smile in her face!

Ready to try these tips? Go and treat yourself to a fine lady tonight. Simply call Sydney Escorts now!

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