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When Women Lose Their Desire For Sex

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Loss of libido. Lots of women fear this event especially when they reach the menopausal stage. However, even those in their 30’s or 40’s may experience the same thing. Yet, you may start to wonder if high-strung ladies like the striking Sydney Escorts also come to a point when they no longer feel their sex drive!

If you’re in such experience, fear not. Loss sexual desire among females is a common problem according to sex and relationship experts, wherein 1 in 10 suffer from it. Sadly, such cases are not reported exactly, so the number could be higher in real life.

Seriously, sex is a very important part of relationship, (or even if you’re not in one), of one’s well-being and happiness. Without it, bedroom life would be kind of lacklustre and mundane.

Likely Causes of Loss Of Libido Among Women

Here are the possible reasons why you seem to have lost your appetite for sex.

1. Psychological Factors

Broad as it may seem but, the loss or lack of it might be triggered by anxiety from problems about relationship and/or money. Fatigue from raising a family (with kids) or dealing with a stressful job is another thing. Any form of traumatic experience like difficulty during childbirth is also an underlying factor.

2. Physical Factors

Hormonal changes during a woman’s period can make her feel sort of disinterested in sex, even those on the contraceptive pill. Further, menopausal women are the ones who suffer most, because the bodily changes tend to be distressing. Not to mention, those who are battling anaemia and an underactive thyroid can become victims of lost libido.

How To Regain That Fire In The Bedroom

1. Keep communication lines open.

Communication is still key and it’s best to talk it out with your lover. Be honest in revealing the hindrance(s), seek his options for the fix. Keeping it just to yourself will surely create mistrust and resentment. You just don’t know what surprises will arise once you open up the matter. Likewise, muster the courage to share about your most erotic fantasies. It could be the secret to a more intense arousal.

2. Free yourself from physically-draining responsibilities.

Once in a while, you ought to relieve yourself of physical tasks that drain the blood out of you, mostly the daily office/home chores. Then, once you have the much-needed me-time, go back to the pastime you were once passionate about, like an old interesting hobby. Go shopping and buy the thing you’ve long wanted to own as a reward to yourself.

3. Socialise with like-minded people.

It’s true that birds of the same feather understand each other. When you have friends of the same plight, you get to give and take suggestions. It’s comforting to know that you’re not alone in this battle.

4. Do regular exercise.
You’d be surprised to notice the sex drive is coming back because exercising regularly helps bring back the natural lubrication. Besides, the production of the sex hormone testosterone is triggered, thereby, making you feel sexy again.

5. Plan for intimate dates.
These could be long-overdue. When you both have the privacy, you can talk about sex freely.

If you need real-life experiences related to this problem, the alluring Sydney Escorts have more stories to tell. Or, get professional help.

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